Make Me a Pallet, Two-Lesson Set

Happy Traum

43 minutes, includes tab

Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor can be traced back to the 19th Century, but it has been a standard of the folk and blues revival for over 50 years. It has been recorded by numerous artists through the years, including Mississippi John Hurt’s famous version (called Ain’t No Tellin’) from 1927, as well as renditions by Big Bill ... Read More

Mike Dowling's Roadmap to Creative Guitar Arranging

Mike Dowling

Simple Concepts for Advanced Playing

Master musician Mike Dowling shows you, step-by-step, how to develop unique guitar arrangements for your favorite tunes. Using easily accessible fretboard techniques, he teaches, analyses and deconstructs his creative process to spark new ideas in your playing.  This lesson is filled with tips and musical advice that will forever change the way you approach your guitar. Mike’s bottom line ... Read More

"Miss Delta" - A Slow Blues Instrumental in E

Mary Flower

A Single Song Lesson

Learn this sweet, slow fingerstyle blues instrumental in E by the terrific Mary Flower. “Miss Delta” includes plenty to chew on for both basic and experienced guitarists: Descending chord walk-downs, moving basses, interesting chord progressions and rhythmic variations, and some "New Orleans-sounding" licks. This piece packs a lot in!  We're sure you'll get a lot out of ... Read More

Rainer's Blues Picking School

Rainer Brunn

A Complete Method To Get You Started

This course is different than anything that we have offered before, and we know that all aspiring blues pickers will love it. Rainer Brunn, one of Homespun’s most popular instructors, has developed this course of study based on his love of traditional American blues guitar styles as well as his long experience as a guitar educator. We are proud to ... Read More

Rory Block in Concert

Rory Block
Experience the sensational blues artist Rory Block live in concert! Recorded in St. Louis' historic Sheldon Concert Hall, this DVD captures Rory's soulful singing, dazzling guitar technique and openhearted communication with her delighted audience. In a riveting 15-song set, Rory plays renditions of classic Mississippi blues by seminal masters such as Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, and Buddy Boy Hawkins ... Read More

Sitting On Top of the World

Toby Walker

A Country Blues Tune in Dropped D

“Sitting On Top of the World” has been played and sung many ways through the years, from its earliest string band rendition by the Mississippi Sheiks to versions by artists as diverse as Doc Watson, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins and innumerable others. There’s even a version by the heavy rock band Cream! This one, played and ... Read More

St. James Infirmary Blues

Adam Traum

A Homespun Single Song Lesson

The “Saint James Infirmary Blues,” also known as the “Gambler’s Blues,” is an eight-bar, minor blues New Orleans classic. It was originally made famous by Louis Armstrong but has since been performed by countless other blues, jazz, folk and rock artists. In this Homespun single-song lesson, guitarist Adam Traum discovers some suprising ways to make this great song ... Read More

Take A Solo!

Toby Walker

The Secrets to Blues and Country Guitar Improvisation

A blues or country guitarist creates a great solo, spinning single-string notes seemingly out of nowhere, thrilling the audience and getting nods of approval from fellow musicians. How does this happen? How do you even start figuring out which notes to play in the midst of a song or jam session?  Toby Walker has the perfect key to unlocking ... Read More

The Blues Bag

Happy Traum

Eleven Classic Songs and Arrangements

Learn to play eleven tried and true favorites that are a must for every acoustic blues player's repertoire. If you have gone beyond the basics and want to add exciting new material to your set list, this two-DVD package is for you! Happy's clear, detailed instruction will move your guitar style forward by leaps and bounds, and will ... Read More

The Blues Guitar (and Harmonica) of John Hammond

John Hammond
John Hammond's passion and commitment to his music have inspired blues lovers throughout the world for more than forty years. Now guitarists (and harmonica players) can learn, up close, how John plays the songs, licks, grooves and soulful solos that make up his dynamic blues style. Harmonicas in the keys of A and D will work well with this ... Read More

The Blues Guitar of Brownie McGhee

Happy Traum

Songs and Techniques Passed Down from a Master Bluesman

"Brownie McGhee had been a legend to me when, in the spring of 1958, I decided to call him. I had never seen him play, but one 10-inch Folkways LP called "Brownie McGhee Blues" had been worn thin on my record player, and I knew all the songs by heart. I was astounded by the brilliance and complexity of his ... Read More

The Blues Guitar of Hubert Sumlin

Hubert Sumlin
Take a lesson from the man who played guitar in Howlin' Wolf's band for more than twenty-five years! Hubert Sumlin's unique guitar lines became an integral part of the Wolf sound, and his spare, sharp-edged solos can be heard on dozens of classic recordings. On this fascinating lesson, Hubert Sumlin discusses his style, technique and influences with guitarist ... Read More
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