Adam Traum’s Ukulele Club

Adam Traum

Six Lessons for Beginners and Beyond

Adam Traum’s long-running weekly Ukulele Club was the basis for this terrific lesson, which takes you, in six sections, from the very basics of uke playing well into intermediate territory.  Lesson One starts with the fundamentals of rhythm, then quickly moves into some basic chords and how to change them in time. An old favorite, Buffalo Gals, with an ... Read More

Blue Uke

Del Rey

Blues, Rags and Jazzy Dance Tunes

We’re in the midst of a ukulele renaissance, and this wonderful little instrument’s role has been expanding to include a wide variety of musical genres. In the hands of the amazing Del Rey it becomes a veritable blues and ragtime music machine! This informative and entertaining lesson will teach you a myriad of fingerpicking and chording techniques. Del takes a ... Read More

Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Workshop

Jim Beloff

Songs from "The Daily Ukulele"

With his characteristic ease, sense of humor and encouraging manner, Jumpin' Jim Beloff brings his "Zen Ukulele" concepts to learning players. He shares his secrets on how to move smoothly from chord to chord, and presents alternate chord forms, picking patterns, key changes and performance techniques to enhance every song you play. The classic tunes taught here are from Jim’s ... Read More

Lyle's Style

Lyle Ritz

Ukulele Master Lyle Ritz Shares a Lifetime of Performance Techniques

Ukulele jazz master Lyle Ritz shares decades of musical history, invaluable playing techniques and great performances of classic songs. His lesson will thrill learning uke players as he details the chord shapes, ideas and tricks that he has developed over a lifetime of performing.  Lyle initially runs through a slow-paced version of each song, stopping to review specific techniques ... Read More

Memphis Uke Party

Del Rey

Blues, Novelty Tunes and Jug Band Classics for Ukulele

Funky, groovy, bluesy… these terms haven’t usually been associated with the ukulele - until now! Del Rey makes the uke the coolest instrument around with her versions of blues and jug band tunes from Gus Cannon, the Memphis Jug Band, Frank Stokes, Bo Carter and other giants of ‘20s string band music.You’ll soon be playing seven songs, great for solo ... Read More

Seven Great Ukulele Lessons

Steve Einhorn, Kate Power, Del Rey, Bob Brozman, Jim Beloff Ledward Kaapana
The renewed popularity of the “mighty uke” has swept the world in recent years and Homespun has been right there with instruction from some of the best players and teachers in the business. This DVD compilation takes a learning ukulele player from the easiest beginner’s songs to advanced strumming, picking and chord work. You’ll learn to play songs ranging from ... Read More

The Joy of Uke - Lesson 1

Jumpin' Jim Beloff

A Hands on Guide to Playing Ukulele

Jim Beloff teaches you how to tune and hold your uke, develop rhythmic strums, and play the basic chord positions. He starts with the simplest of tunes, but quickly progresses to songs with more complex chords and progressions. In short order, you'll be playing and singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands," "When The Saints Go ... Read More

The Joy of Uke - Lesson 2

Jumpin' Jim Beloff

Moving Beyond the Basics

Jim takes you firmly into intermediate territory, teaching advanced chord shapes and progressions, complex strums and accompaniments to some of the most beloved songs in popular music history. With his usual warmth and good humor, Jim guides you through each song, slowing down the tricky parts and sprinkling the lesson with wisdom gleaned from his deep knowledge of the instrument ... Read More

The Joy of Uke - Two-Video Set

Jumpin' Jim Beloff
This complete course in the ukulele takes you from absolute beginner to intermediate-level playing. Learn to tune and hold the uke, form chords and develop rhythmic strums. Before long you'll be playing more than a dozen all-time favorite songs. Read More

The Ukulele Toolbox - Two Video Set

Bob Brozman

A Comprehensive Course for Mastering the Uke

 Multi-instrumentalist and roots music wizard Bob Brozman's two-DVD set takes a ukulele player from first chords and strums to techniques that can be used to play hundreds of songs. His "toolbox" provides the nuts and bolts that every learner needs to transform this little instrument into a musical giant.  DVD One: Enter the world of the ukulele through the ... Read More

The Ukulele Toolbox - Video One

Bob Brozman

A Comprehensive Course for Mastering the Uke

Enter the world of the ukulele through the magical hands and musical mind of string wizard Bob Brozman! This lesson is jam-packed with invaluable musical information, from the most basic chords and strums for beginners to a myriad of musical ideas and techniques for those with some uke experience.  You’ll learn to play in a variety of keys and ... Read More

The Ukulele Toolbox - Video Two

Bob Brozman

A Comprehensive Course for Mastering the Uke

Bob Brozman continues his excursion into the wonderful world of the ukulele with more advanced musical tools to help you become a fully accomplished player.  As in Video One, this lesson is jam-packed with invaluable exercises, ideas and information that will challenge and delight all learning ukers.  Bob brings it up a notch as he starts off with a ... Read More
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